Corporate History

2001 May Established Gamepot Inc. in Tokyo, Japan
2002 July Started game service for “au”, major mobile phone service provider
2004 Nov Launched first title, “Pangya” (casual golf game)
2005 Dec Listed on Sapporo SE Ambitious Stock Exchange
2006 Mar Launched second title, “Kunshu Online” (MMORPG)
Aug Moved headquarters to Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Sep Capital tie-up with So-net Entertainment Corporation
(Formerly Sony Communication Network Corporation)
Nov Launched third title “Cabal Online” (MMORPG)
Dec Established GP Partners, a wholly owned subsidiary
Launched fourth title “Fantasy Earth Zero” (MMORPG)
2007 Apr Launched fifth title “La Tale” (MMORPG)
2008 Mar Started service for monster breeding game "Monster Farm Online"
Apr Established GP Coreedge, a wholly owned subsidiary,
resulting from So-net Entertaiment Corporation's tender offer.
July Delisted from Sapporo SE Ambitious Stock Exchange
Sep Became wholly owned subsidiary of So-net Entertainment Corporation
2009 Feb Started service for online shooting game "Paperman"
2010 Dec Started service for bounty hunting action game “Howling Sword”
2011 Jan Started service for 2D action game “WEROS”
Feb Moved headquarters to Osaki, Shinagawa-Ku, Tokyo
Apr Started service for co-op action game “Mebius Online”.
Jul Assumed ownership of digital content arm of So-net Entertainment Corporation
Oct Started service for hardcore MMORPG “Wizardry Online”
Nov Started service for “Paperman” in China
2012 May Established “Gamepot Korea Inc.”, a Game Development studio in Korea.
Dec Merged with Aeria Games & Entertainment, becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of AGGP Holdings, Inc., a new holding company which the two companies function under.
2013 Jan Relocated Gamepot headquarters from Osaki Think Park Tower 5th Floor to the 8th Floor.
Aug Established GP mobile Inc., a spin-off of Gamepot’s mobile gaming business.
Nov Became wholly owned subsidiary of GMO Internet, Inc.
2014 Jan Moved headquarters to Sakuragaoka, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo